255 George Street is managed by AMP Capital on behalf of the investors of the AMP Capital Wholesale Office Fund. 

AMP Capital is one of the largest real estate fund managers in the Asia-Pacific with more than 60 years’ experience in real estate. In Australia, AMP Capital’s Office and Logistics team combine world-class experience and specialist capability in the management of over 62 properties including some of Australia’s most iconic commercial office buildings, office parks and industrial estates.

As a team, we are committed to taking a customer centric approach to creating exceptional real estate experiences and pride ourselves on being a trusted partner. As real estate professionals, we act sustainably and with the highest ethical standards. Through consistency and reliability of service, our team is passionate about understanding and responding to the specific needs of our customers and clients whilst nurturing a dynamic workplace environment founded on a strong sense of community. Above all else we understand that our role is to support our customers in their business success.

AMP Capital is committed to achieving long term sustainable outcomes at our real estate assets, through our supply chain and in the communities in which we operate. Our sustainability strategy addresses environment, social and governance issues in order to:

•    Deliver exceptional real estate experiences for our customers
•    Perform in line with global best practice
•    Develop our people and our partners’ sustainability knowledge and
•    Build a culture which embraces sustainability as a core value
•    Enhance value and minimise risk for our investors

62 Office and Logistics assets managed in Australia and New Zealand *
$14.2B + Under management *
120+ team 
800+ customers
60+ years of experience

For further information about AMP Capital, please visit www.ampcapital.com

* As of December 2020. Included externally managed assets.